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There are five ratings in Nova Scotia - they are:

general.gif (1886 bytes) Movies rated General are considered to be suitable for all ages and there are no restrictions on viewing.

parentalguidance.gif (1872 bytes) Movies rated Parental Guidance are not restricted by age, but parents should be aware that the theme or content may be more mature than in General films.   This type of film is probably more appropriate for those 12 and over.

adultaccompaniment.gif (2075 bytes) Movies rated Adult Accompaniment are suitable for those 14 years and older.  Those under 14 must be escorted by an adult.   Films of this type may contain limited violence, the use of weapons without excessive bloodletting, or restrained portrayal of accident or disaster.  There may also be scenes of casual or brief nudity, romantic involvement that is not sexually explicit and where participants are at least partially clothed.  There may also be some coarse or vulgar language.

restricted.gif (2195 bytes) Films rated Restricted are considered suitable for those 18 years and older.  Those under 18 must be escorted by a parent or guardian.  These films may contain excessive use of foul or offensive language, and may depict extreme violence, horror, or graphic sexual activity.

explicit.gif (2105 bytes) Films rated Explicit are restricted to those 18 years and older.  These films contain scenes that are either sexually explicit or graphically and excessively violent.

exempt.gif (1848 bytes) These films have not been viewed by a classification board, and include children's cartoons, travelogues, insttructional videos, athletic events, and cultural, industrial, religious, or political material.

All information on this page was taken from the Maritime Film Classification brochure, which is available at most theatres.  For more information, call 1-800-565-3820.

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